We thank our wonderful listeners from Canada to Colorado, Bismarck to Billings, Midwest Wyoming to Marshall, Minnesota, for all their feedback about our programs here at CBSi. These are some nice things our listeners have to say...


Dear Jim and Staff,
Your program is a must on KVSH. I remember when you worked here - with that voice and how you handed yourself on the air I knew you'd go far. Hope to meet you and the staff sometime. I enjouy all your programs but don't send for things very often. But I do want you to know I'm listening!!
-Deloris C., Valentine NE

I stumbled on to your show a while back and I have to tell you it is wonderful. I really enjoy the stories you tel ad the things you talk about in the surrounding states. Thank you. A couple of your stories have caught my attention and I was wondering if you could send me a copy so I may share them with my family and friends.
-Ken T., Dickinson ND

Hi Jim, Trinity and Jan, You guys are the best! Appreciate you and all that you do!!

Jim Chamley


Today Trinity read a great letter that was sent to you guys about all of the things happening in Nevada. I am from Nevada but live in Dickinson currently and hear your show almost every day. If there is any way you could find the time to send me a copy of that or just post it to your facebook wall I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for everything you guys do and for giving me something to look forward to on the radio every day. 

Mitch Barker


Thank you for all you do! I'm making a folder or two of all the things I get from you so I can read them over when I need a little pick-me-up. 



Good Morning - 

First day of Spring GREAT please send me a copy of the "Roundup Cook". I love cowboy poetry. After I read it I send a copy to an old school friend. We both grew up and went to school in Western Nebraska,




Please send me "Bronco on a Plate." 

I've been in Wheatland, WY 71 years and there's nothing better than our Bronco license plates.

My daughter teaches school in Chugwater and her students may and may not heard the real story so thought she could share it with her k-12 students. 




Trinity and Jim,

Thank you all so much for taking the time to interview me during the stockshow! I really appreciate you taking time to help me out everytime I am in the Black Hills really! I love getting to talk with you on air, Trinity, you are so great! Thanks again

Lexi Larsen



Your program makes my day! It's a good jump start! 



Trinity, we have common ground in service as state FFA officers in our past!  Although, in neighboring states (WY/SD).  I always look forward to4:06 PM  on 810 AM so I can listen in!


Sure enjoy your program. I listen everyday, Monday-Friday on KVSH radio in Valentine, NE.


 You have done an excellent job of covering the Heifers for S. Dakota and getting the information out about the South Dakota Stockgrowers.

Watertown, SD

 I don't have contact with horses or cattle but I have always had dogs and cats and have taken care of them when they, Lord forbid, got sick. Thank you for your passion for animals, be it cattle, horses or other creatures. Thank you Jim Thompson, you have a special angel watching over you. 


Dear Trinity:
I'd like to thank you guys for providing my job site with a thought provoking, witty, intelligent, and generally enjoyable radio program day in and day out. You do a great job and I hope more people express their appreciation for what you guys do. Its truly a gem.
Paul McKinney.


Thank you for what you do. You are an angel in the radio. 


All the stories you read bring back a lot of memories for me. Some I had forgotten and some that make me laugh or cry but it is a good thing.


I enjoy listening to old stories you come up with. Thanks

Redfield, SD


I remember you way back in the day when you were with KWAT and when you came to South Shore School for our athletic banquet (when they had such a thing) and you were our guest speaker.  WOW that does seem like ages ago.


I chuckled when I heard the “green thing” I am 51 years old but I now really feel old as whenever I get  a chance to get a paper sack I am thankful as when I bake cookies I slit the paper bag open and use the inside of it to set my freshly baked cookies from the pan on it, my young whiper snapper niece said to me one day “don’t you know they make paper towels” and they would  be cleaner.  Yes, I know they probably would be cleaner BUT that is what my Mom used to do when I was growing up.  My Mom I am sure is smiling down from heaven every time she sees this happening! J  My husband he really doesn’t care about how clean it may or may not be as long as he is getting cookies!!!! J  And YES, I do use paper towels when I have no paper sack!!


Thanks for the chuckle, but the “Green Thing” is oh so true,
Watertown, SD



I truly enjoy being able to listen to you and Jim at work for two hours every afternoon.  Keep up the good work!


Brookings, SD

Dear Jim and Trinity,


Thank you for the ticket to the Bluegrass Festival. It's been a long time since we've enjoyed the festival and can't wait to hear this music surrounded by the beautiful Black Hills.


And thanks for bringing the Country Cafe to Grant's loyal Smorgasbord listeners. So nice to hear the positive about this great state of ours and the people who call it home.


From a grateful fan,

 De Smet, SD


 I am sending you this short note to say thank you again for your radio show! I look forward to it every day! God is truly looking over you - see you on the radio. 

Rapid City, SD


I really enjoyed your conversations with Andy and Slim for Cowboy Poetry Week. I had to miss the live broadcasts, but I just listened on the archive (thank goodness for that).
I love your enthusiasm and ease.
Best to you


Jim & Trinity,

I want to say thank you to both of you for taking your time to fill in for Grant Peterson.  I have listened to Grant for many years as this is the time I am on the road almost daily.  I have enjoyed his show and wish the best to Grant for a speedy recovery so that he may return to what he loves.

I also want to say that this past week has been very enjoyable listening to both of you.  Keep up the good work.

Brookings, SD

Jim, I want you to know how incredibly pleased I am with your program on KBRK. You are the real deal Jim. Great job-cannot thank you enough. 

Brookings, SD

Thank you for being you and for doing the show!

Rapid City, SD

Trinity: Very nice interview this morning with Jason on KLTC out of Dickinson. You have really come along nicely in your career. I remember first listening to you taking over for Jim and wondered how will she make it as she wasn’t as smooth being new to the business, and her audience is a lot of rural folks and probably the older generation which might not be as receptive to a young gal. But I guess “the old guy” (Jim) knew what he was doing. You’ve earned our respect as a listening audience. Thank you Jim for giving her the opportunity to further her career and to be a voice for some of the things that many of us cherish, that being the Lord Jesus Christ, Agriculture and the path that our country is on, you made a good choice, Jim. Keep up the good work Trinity, hearing your voice is a pleasurable part of the afternoon. Thanks and God Bless

Dickinson, ND

Jim, just wanted to say that you have a superb stand in host with Trinity. She is very pleasant to listen to and very well informed.

Newcastle, WY

I am on a business trip in NE Wyoming, currently in Buffalo in a motel.  While traveling from Wheatland to Newcastle yesterday, I was channel searching for any station that I could receive on the radio and stumbled on your station.  I am not a farmer and may not have stayed on the station for more than a moment except for the fact that it had the best signal available.  I actually do not even know what station it was.  It did not take long, however, to be totally "sucked in" by your incredibly delightful personality, stories and commentary.  I have no idea how old you are, but if I were 30 years younger I'd want to marry you!  :)   It was obvious you are a person of integrity with values of God and country.  I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your show.  I wish we received it in Utah.   I wonder if you might have any of your humorous stories available in print or e-mail.  There were so many and at the moment I can't even remember my favorites.  The one about the 2 dollar bill was one of the stories I enjoyed, though not my most favorite.   Oh, I loved the one about the guy who wanted to renounce his citizenship and described all of the reasons why.  Very funny and TRUE!  Very funny  or thought provoking - all of them.   If you have any of these available, I would LOVE to have a copy of them.  I would also like to know what station I was listening to and if you stream online. You are amazing and are going to be BIG!!! Best wishes in all you do.

Layton, Utah


Thought you might like this.  Thanks to your program, I print off enough of the "Good Stuff" to keep those at the Assisted Living, where I volunteer, laughing.  I have two folders full and still adding on.  One thing about it, just wait 6 months and you can start over again.  Short memories and new people.  Thanks again.

Valentine, NE

I enjoy your program, when I can hear it. I have my radio set on the station all of the time. Thank you, your program is a refreshing point in a crazy world.

Watertown, SD 

I want to say thanks for The Good Stuff. I listen to you most days while I'm feeding cows. Keep bringing the good stuff!

Vivian, SD

Thanks for all your hard work in enlightening us on so many topics. 

Spearfish, SD

I hear your "Good Stuff" stories about every day, I enjoy them all! Thanks and keep up the "Good Stuff."

Wheatland, WY

 Keep up the "Good Stuff."

Watertown, SD


I sure enjoy listening to your program. It brings back lots of memories. 

Quin, SD


I have recieved many comments from folks who "Heard it on Jim Thompson." Thanks again!

Billings County, MT


We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your significant support towards the success of the Dakota Western Heritage Festival. 

Fort Pierre,  SD


Thank you for the nice program on KBHB

Whitewood, SD


I enjoy your show and try to listen every opportunity I have. 

Saint Francis, SD



I really enjoy "The Good Stuff."

Phillip, SD




I enjoy all of your show and "The Good Stuff" too! 

Bruce, SD

I listen everyday! Sure do enjoy your program.

Rapid City, SD


 Love your program. We hear it on KVSH. Have you thought about making a book of all of the poems and sayings you do on the radio?

Valentine, NE



Trinity, We enjoy listening to you on the radio!

Oelrichs, SD


Sometime ago I heard your rememberance of "The Old Fashioned Clothes Line" and it brought back alot of memories. Thanks!

Sturgis, SD


Always enjoy your program and all the good stories and jokes. 

Dickinson, ND


I like your talk show and look forward to listening to you because you are very personable towards everyone. You are like a good neighbor, one who everyone wants to talk with, and you also educate many people. 

                                                                                                                  Saint Francis, SD


I listen because you are very entertaining. You present a friendly forum that allows for a variety of responses. Keep up the good job.

Harding County

I enjoy your show...Keep up the good work with a nice, clean show!

Huron, SD

I Make it a point to listen to you everyday!


 I am blessed with your friendship, I'd saddle up and work with you anytime. You have a solid show, top to bottom and sideways!

Ken Cook

I truly appreciate all you do for Cowboy Poetry and the western way of life in general.
Newcastle, WY

Jim, I respect and admire you for all that you do for our region with your radio program. You are  true leader, and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say you provide a great service.
Amcol International and
Westen County Historical Society

You make my day, I enjoy your programs. Keep your messages coming it is truly good listening.
Clinton, MN
I listen to you on the radio and love it!
Webster, SD

We hear your program and enjoy it very much, keep up the good word.

Your program is just the best "Good Stuff". Thanks for sharing your daily food for thought.
Wheatland, WY

We hear you on the radio and thoroughly enjoy your program.
Littleton, CO

Thank you for handing out laughter, God's special gift to us humans.

I am very happy that your program comes on KVSH twice a day. If i miss one, I often catch the second. I m retired and enjoy your poems very much.
Valentine, NE

I listen to "The Good Stuff" every morning while getting ready for work. The words of wisdom and wit help get myday off to a good start. Keep up the goodstuff, you're great!
Ortonville, MN

Sure enjoy your program and enjoy recieving your goodies, Thanks!
Dickinson, ND

I enjoy all the songs and stories and poems from some of your poets.

Your Good Stuff program is so enjoyable.
Valentine, NE

I do ministry in Nursing Homes, and your stories are great for  entertaining the folks, thank you.
Ortonville, MN

We enjoy listening to your program, and hearing you starts the day on positive note.
New England, ND

I continue to enjoy your program each day.
Whitewood, SD

I enjoy your program every morning, keep the programs coming!
Odessa, MN

I really enjoy your moments on the radio, and you do a great job of filling the gaps Paul Harvey left.
Watertown, SD

I keep listening and continue to hear more and more good stuff!
Milbank, SD