Don’t Mess Around With History   By Hal Swift

As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson


There’s somethin’ lately that’s botherin’ me,

And it’s really kind of a mystery.

And that’s why is it some folks today

Are messin’ around with history.


I suppose they got nothin’ else to do,

These lame-brain bottom feeders,

But to make up stories designed to put down

Our country’s greatest leaders.


They talked about president Reagan,

And said he was out of touch.

When I was a reported, I interviewed him,

And I learned why they call him “Dutch.”


They said Gerald Ford was kind of slow,

That he was always fallin’ down.

I met him too, and I’m tellin’ you,

He’s the steadiest man in town.


I’m tired of hearin’ it, who are these folks

Who think they’re so dadgummed smart?

They may have learnin’ , I’ll give them that,

But they sure ain’t got no heart.


You pick a president, any one,

And somebody’s got a story

About somethin’ bad they’ve said or done,

To try to tarnish that man’s glory.


These folks that mess around with history,

I’ll tell you make me skittish.

Shucks, if it weren’t for George Washington,

We’d all be speakin’ British.