You may have heard it said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.

 Henri Dunant was a Swiss financier who had something happen that changed him forever. In 1859 his government asked him to go to France to talk with Napoleon about a very important business deal.

 When Henri arrived in Paris, he found that Napoleon had left for a battle with the Austrians. Henri hoped to talk with Napoleon before the battle began, so he traveled to the battle site and found himself on a cliff overlooking the fields where the battle was raging.

 He watched with horror, as cannons roared and men screamed as they died. Henri saw war as barbarous and savage, but he didn't spend his time organizing peace parades. He vowed to begin to help people in time of suffering and he left his profession to do this.

 He was awarded the very first Nobel Peace prize for his great work. Though he had become a poor man because of his efforts, he gave the entire prize money to the world movement he had begun. The organization was the Red Cross.