This prayer goes out to Christine Bestgen and family in memory of Dennis  Gregory Jenson, killed while serving our country. God bless you and lift you up.


Why this call from distant shore, that changed our life forever more,
            for this soldier who’s years have just begun
To beckon him this soon in life, to end his earthly toil and strife,
            to take him up before his race is run.
We cry to You, our strength on High, in our anguish we ask why,
            in our pain we call for reasoning in Your plans
Give us answers we beseech, put some comfort in our reach,
            take our wretched feelings from us with Your hands.
Pain and anguish, bitter tears, cry out against these few short years
            that forged a void in us that we can’t face
Sorrows felt through our whole being, causes blindness, souls unseeing,
            makes our life of servitude seem such a waste.
Why then, O’ Lord, with all Your power, cause us to writhe in pain this hour,
            why keep the answers hidden from our sight?
When with Your mighty Holy hand, You could clear death from our land,
            You could keep this cherished soul from taking flight.
We cry in anguish, our heats are broke, by this worldly fatal stroke,
            that crushes us beneath it’s mighty weight
The world seems bent on our demise, covers us with Satan’s lies,
            to hide from us the path to Heaven’s gate.
If You bring us to this end, we know Your power can descend,
            can conquer all that binds us in this life
A Power never seen before, miracles worked, praise galore,
            works in us the  will that quenches strife.
Then when we bow on bended knee, in our hearts begin to see
            Your Will must be the final sum of life
Keeping us within Your realm, trusting You to guide the helm,
            lifting us when all is mired down in strife.
By the very tears that flow, wash away ill winds that blow,
            lift the weight that crushed our hearts with bitter pain
Simple faith, and what it means, that tells the worth of things unseen,
            that lets us know Salvation we can gain.
So take Your child that You called home, never more on earth to roam,
            place him gently in Your Heavenly fold
And give our hearts Your gentle peace, that transcends all of Satan’s lease,
            that would destroy the memories that we hold.
And when it comes our time to go, by Your love we all will know
            that he’ll be waiting there for us to meet        
And know that God in all His love, has been watching from above,
            with Dennis by His side while we are kneeling at His feet.
©2011 Slim McNaught