May you never lose a stirrup,
May you never waste a loop;
May your can stay full of syrup,
And your gizzard full of whoop!
©S. Omar Barker

To the rewards of bein' a cowboy
And to livin' a cowboy's life
With only the fear of bein' afoot
Or saddled down with a wife
© 2007,Diane Tribitt 

May all that you reap be righteous and fine
Like your woman, your horse, and your hat
As long as you keep your hands off of mine
Then By Golly, I'll sure drink to that.
© 2007,Diane Tribitt 

  1. Mayyou never burn your biscuits,
    Never let your beans boil dry.
    May your steak be to your likin'
    And your coffee strong as lye.
                     © 2008,
    Jane Morton

May your horse never slow,
May your loop find its mark;
May your Get Up have Go,
From morning till dark.
© 2007,Victoria Boyd

Here's to good water,
and to rest in the shade,
and to total success
for the plans that you've made.
© 2007,Hal Swift 

May your ropin' hand stay steady,
and your cinch stay good an' tight.
When you get to where you're goin'
may you sleep in peace tonight.
© 2007,Hal Swift

May your days be filled with usefulness,
your nights be filled with rest.
May your life be filled with happiness,
and all that you love best.
© 2007,Hal Swift

May your love be as wide as a Western sky
And your blessings stacked high as a mount.
May your lives be as long as the Rio Grande
And your friends be too many to count.
           © 2009,
Dale E. Page



May your horse never stumble,
Your spurs never rust,
Your guts never grumble,
Your cinch never bust!
©S. Omar Barker

May your spring storms be gentle.
May your summer rains be plenty.
May your calves be born just eighty pounds
and wean at seven twenty.
© 2007,Michael Henley

May you never lose direction
may you never take to flight
as you make a slight correction
if your horse bucks to the right
© 2007,Pat Richardson

Here's to colic, strangles, and scours,
Founder, prolapse, and pink eye;
Greasy grub, poor pay, ridiculous hours
—May we be cowboys until we die!
           © 2007,
Rod Miller

May your cinch never loosen,
may your saddle never turn,
not too proud to pull leather,
until you reach point of no return.
© 2007,V. June Blevins Collins

  1. Mayyour mustache grace yer upper lip
    And always hang with a majestic curl
    But feel free to discount this advice
    If you happen to be a girl
    © 2010,J.D. Siebert

May hot coffee be a brewin'
On the campfires of your friends

May good Mulligan be stewin'
When you reach your last trail ends
         © 2007,
Glen Enloe 

May a Stetson lie close to your favorite boots,
May a saddle be where you sit.
May you always remember your Western roots,
Full of try and empty of quit.
© 2007,Lincoln Rogers

May the warm winds of heaven
blow softly on your house
and may the Great Spirit
bless all who enter there
    Indian blessing by way of
Jeri Dobrowski