Gramma wanted a Christmas tree and it’s got to be big and nice

Me? I’m thinkin’ of the cost tree’s like that are high priced!

But then I have an idea I’ll get one just like she wants

I’ve seen the perfect Christmas tree while out riding on one of my daily jaunts

I saddles up my good ol’ horse and take along my rope and ax

Head to where this tree is at I’ll even save on payin’ sales tax

We ride up to the perfect tree it’s a real beautiful wintry day

Just me and the tree and Mama Nature my ax, purty scenery and ol’ bay

I finally get the tree chopped down tie my rope on and head back home

I’m dallied to the perfect tree it’s just like a cheerful Christmas poem!

As we top over a ridge what do you suppose I see?

There’s a big ol’ furry bobcat and he ain’t even noticed me!

Who wouldn’t rope a bobcat? How can you pass up that chance?

It’s not often these things happen Like America bein’ rescued by France!

We built to him hard and fast Bobcats ain’t got much speed

Snow is flyin’ like a blizzard Never weaken is my creed

I realize my rope is occupied It’s hooked on to that perfect tree

Can’t slow down to unhook it or ol’ Bob will get away from me!

So I starts to hand to hand it pullin’ it closer to my saddle

I’ll slip it loose on the fly We’re fixin’ to win this battle

Ol’ bay is closin’ on the prey I’ve turned my reins plumb loose

My horse is duckin’, dodgin and trackin I’m tryin’ to unlatch from that spruce

As the tree reaches our heels Hits a rock and starts to sail

Just like a guided missile Jabs bay underneath his tail

Then that tree goes flyin’ Hit the cat on the head

As I flew by I seen it all Hopin’ I wouldn’t wind up dead

Next thing I kind’a recall I’m stretched out in the snow

beside a badly battered bobcat and ol’ bay’s limpin’ home slow

I staggered to my feet I let the cat go free

I caught ol’ bay, we headed home with a crumpled up christmas tree

So now my horses is scarred and scared Bob is short some fur

Neighbor lady’s on the fight Guess that lawn ornament was special to her!

Robert Dennis