March 31, 1910 - November 10, 2013
Clarence Krogman, 103, of White River, SD passed away on Sunday, November
10, 2013 at the Winner Regional Long Term Care Facility. 
Clarence was born March 31st 1910 to Frank and Agnes "Macke" Krogman in
Gregory County South Dakota.
He attended country school through the eighth grade in rural Mellette Co.
He wanted to go to high school, but his dad said that didn't pay off, so he
needed to stay home and work.
Clarence told many stories about his sheep herding days. An old covered
wagon carried supplies, and meals were cooked over a fire built in a hole in
the ground. Coffee was made in an old gallon can. Once when Clarence and his
brother were camped on He Dog Creek they trapped porcupines and kept them in
an old root cellar. When they got hungry for meat they butchered one.
Porcupine was also on their Thanksgiving menu shared with a neighbor who
could NOT believe how good it was. One September, Clarence and his brother
took over 1000 sheep up the river and stayed all winter.
In March when all the feed was gone nearly two feet of snow fell and covered
up the grass. Clarence and Bill hitched up the team to a V plow with iron
runners and made a trail. They moved the sheep several miles, plowed out the
snow so the sheep could get at the grass and made camp.
They moved every spring to find feed for the livestock until 1936, when
Clarence moved to his present home and he never moved again.
When he was 22 he was thrown from a horse he was breaking and suffered
serious injuries to his ribs and back, that plagued him all his life. He
always downplayed his injuries by saying "I just got bucked off".
In 1937, he met Helene McIver, the school marm at Ring Thunder school.
They were married that same year and to this union, seven children were
born. For 25 years, Clarence transported his children to school, no matter
what the weather, by whatever means possible: horseback, team and wagon,
Model A and jeep.
He was a master storyteller, entertaining his family and friends with tales
of his escapades. He enjoyed any trading, attending livestock auctions and
visiting with everyone. In fact, he was flirting with the female personnel
at the care center the week before he died.
He is survived by his children,. He was preceded in death by his wife,
Helene, his parents,
12 brothers and sisters, and damn near everyone else.
He was involved in ranching with his three sons up until the last year of
his life. We're not sure what he's up to now, but his driver's license
doesn't expire until 2015, so heads up if you're on the road!