We were doing a Frac job a while ago on County road 12 by Keene. This old car was sitting next to the lease road. I took some pictures at sunset with the old homestead in the background then sat in my truck and wrote this.  Dustin Mills   4/24/11


This Old Car has been here for a while

Was once full of Elegance, Grace, and style

So many stories I'm sure could be told

Back before it was considered Antique and old

The engine and transmission are no longer there

Just an empty hole to look at and stare

Those wooden rims all split and broken

And so much more I haven't even spoken

This Old Car has been through it all

And I'm sure much more I'll forget to recall

It's been around since the First World War

There’s no telling how long it's been sitting here for

Out in the weather and sweltering dust

Made In America when "In God We Trust"

It's probably only been on dirt and gravel road

And I'm sure a lot worse, truth be told

Made it through The Great Depression

The days of Moonshine and Prohibition

Years of drought, floods, and famine

  1. a lot of Homesteads were left abandoned

It's home has always been here in Dakota

Often it wishes it could go back, kinda sorta

The Romantic Era and Industrial Revolution

The American Flag and Constitution

It was driven around during the Gold Rush

Now it just lies here in the sage and brush

Overlooking it's owners last Homestead

Picked and rummaged through and left for dead

But this Old Car wouldn't want it any other way

Over looking this peace and tranquility today

Just this Old Car and this prairie called home

Laid to rest... Now left alone