We've got another election just around the bend. 
And it seems like whenever an election comes round, we’re always talking  about dirty politics. Ok, so we don’t wait for an election. But it is when we start talking about dirty tricks. And there have been a few throughout our rather illustrious history.
 when John Kennedy was running for his first political office in Massachusetts, his father Ol’ Joe, paid an out-of-work plumber who had the same name as Kennedy’s opponent to put his name on the ballot. Of course the confusion of two men having the exact same name split the vote and Jack Kennedy won his first election. Oh, it’s true
 occurred during the 1960 presidential campaign when candidate Richard Milhouse Nixon was making an old-fashioned whistle-stop tour of California. A fellow named Dick Tuck, who was in fact, a democratic prankster, disguised himself as a railway engineer and ceremoniously waved the train out of the station. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting Mr. Nixon, who was standing on the stoop of the caboose and was right in  the middle of his speech at the time. I’ll bet the look on Mr. Nixon’s face was one for the books, not the mention the look on his campaign manager who allowed it to happen.
I’ve got to believe that the election of 1800 when Thomas Jefferson opposed John Adams just about had to take the cake for dirty tricks. It was a pretty dicey election to begin with.  Adams was called a tyrant and closet Tory in the Republican press. Jefferson was assailed in Federalist newspapers as an atheist, a revolutionist, an embezzler and more, and one newspaper loyal to Adams actually printed that Thomas Jefferson was dead. Yep! The story was first planted in the pro-Jefferson Baltimore American on June 30, 1800.
Just when the
Presidential campaign was beginning to heat up. But  as you might guess the news of the death of a presidential candidate spread across the country like wildfire especially with the press. The story was re-printed in paper after paper. There were those papers, of course, who demanded that proof be presented of the death of Thomas Jefferson and there was one reporter who swore that, indeed Thomas Jefferson of the House of Monticello fame had died. 
And sure enough,
Thomas Jefferson had died.  But, It’s a Little Known Fact that it was a slave, one actually owned by Thomas Jefferson the presidential candidate, who also lived at Monticello, and had named himself after the owner — had actually passed away. It was later proven that the reporter knew only too well that it was a slave who had passed and not the former Secretary of State, but the chance to throw the election in the favor of his friend Mr.
Adams, well that was
just too much for this man to resist. So you see folks, dirty politics and dirty tricks ... are as old ... well ... as we are!