November 11this is Veterans Day and the Military that we thank

For all of our men and woman of all service and of rank

Who put their lives on the line each and every day

Every day and every night it is our Country that they serve

No matter what race or ethnic group and even those who don't deserve

For months on end in foreign lands to bring the World to peace

To stop all Wars and Terrorism from sea to shining sea

all of the Services- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National and Coast Guard

Away from their friends and family from a normal life they’re barred

Gone from their Home, Country, Kids, Husband, or Wife

To save and protect and give us all a better life

The Army with their tanks, on their equipment a big white star

On the front line to defend our lives is how "Army strong" they are

Out of our Country and in the Desert sands

Not only for our freedom, but others in foreign lands

The Navy on the ocean and their massive boats

Hundred million pounds of steel and guns on the water afloat

Offering protection to her troops on air, sea, and land

Just off the shore with rockets and air support, lending a helping hand

Marines on the front line yelling "SEMPER FI"

Guns in hand, charging in, not afraid to die

Camouflaged they hide, Snipers in high places

Through their scopes taking out all the hateful faces

From the air with it's planes comes the Air Force

behind enemy lines, missle's incoming, still they keep their course

Offering support to ground troops while under duress or fire

Swooping in. rockets launched, never will they tire

The National Guard serves abroad and also here at home

Through natural catastrophes and hostile demonstrations we’re never left alone

Here to protect our States and communities

Our homes, business, friends, and loving families

The Coast Guard is here just off our coast

Protecting our Country from harm and drugs they catch the most

Plucking people from sea, gone overboard, or from boats that sank

Risking soaring seas and high force winds to save our lives we thank

Thank you to all the Veterans for my freedom you protect

From desert sands, foreign lands, up in the air, and on ship decks

Away from your families putting your life on the line

So I can be safe and breath this freedom from you for this life of mine

Dustin Mills