Soldier’s Blood
As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson


“The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the bloodshed of patriots and tyrants”

Thomas Jefferson


Have you ever imagined the men

Who died under Washington’s command

And did they know their blood

Would bring forth a brand new land


A nation like no other

That stands for what is right

Under God and indivisible

Always ready for the fight


From the Battle of New Orleans

To the blood soaked Blue and Gray

Freedom has a price

That a soldier’s blood must pay


At home, at sea on Flanders Field

Where all the poppies grow

The blood of many young men

Mixed both friend and foe


And you know there’s still a few left

From that Second World War

And you can bet they know

Just what they were fighting for


Those who fought in Vietnam

Their names now carved upon a wall

They served, they died, they gave their blood

And they did it for us all


The war on terror, Desert Storm

Iraq and Afghanistan

The payment for freedom continues

Almost like an installment plan


It’s paid with blood and many tears

From a father whose proud to brag

To a mother whose lost her baby

To a widow holding a folded flag


All the little ones in their cribs

With dog tags hanging overhead

Will never take for granted

The blood their daddies shed


So take a moment to remember

On this special Memorial Day

That freedom has a price

That a soldier’s blood must pay.

Copyright © 2010 Cade Schalla


Cade Schalla