Fill 'em Up to Overflowin'

As heard on “The Good Stuff” with Jim Thompson

There's nothin' forged by mortal man,
Can measure full the gain,When God swings wide ol' heavens gate,
And sorts a day of rain.No vessel on a sun-baked ranch,
Not dog dish, gauge or pail,Can hold the flow and endless worth,
A soaker can unveil.You'd barter with the devil sure,
If rain 'gainst soul was bet,'Cause on both knees you've prayed for months,
With not an answer yet.More natural than breathin' air,
See every drop's a gift,All creatures livin' feel the change,
When clouds begin to shift,And thunderheads show in the west,
The breeze turns damp, not burned.Your soul might be the devil's toy,
But for now the sky has turned,As lightning flashes, thunder screams,
Most cattle bunch to hide.The horses race the barbed wire south,
They feel it deep inside.Anticipation, same as you,
Heaven's gate blows back,A gully washer's on its way,
The drought's under attack.So fill 'em up to overflowin',                     
Each gauge and pail and dish,The devil may have gained a soul,
But cowboy, you got your wish.                                       

© 2007, Ken Cook, from Cowboys Are Like That
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.