By Sue Dewey

As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson

I speak to you as Spirits can

thru winds that whistle across this land

of dancing buffalo grass

and ask that you remember me

and all of those who fought to be

At one with nature -

living free

For now in death

This Lakota man

can see his beloved family band

As astride masked pones

Fresh from war

the warriors ride up to the fore

and lead the people

strong and brave

as back and forth

A way they pave

The Elder's bodies

bent down low

The children - laughing, skipping go

and all around them are the sounds

of beasts of burden

yapping hounds

Mothers, fathers, all are here

Ethereal beings

I shed a tear........

For even though I sundanced well

I couldn't save them from the hell

of all that was to come

And so the years would take their toll

I was the legend - Sitting Bull

Yet -

deep within this old man's heart

was a sad and bitter swell

For friends, I tell you

Do beware

and know your enemies well

A shot

A shout

Then blood and tears

The legend was no more

The eagle cried

and flapped his wings

and helped my Spirit soar

So upon this land I will remain

A reminder

An historic stain

And when the winds are whistling loud

I'll call to your from celestial clouds

and speak until your heart is full

so you'll remember

Sitting Bull

Mitakuyasin   -  All My Relations