As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson 

He woke Christmas mornin' fore  coffee could brew
got dressed then slipped off from the rest of the crew
He saddled the Morgan and headed off east
the sun not yet risin' ,  the whole world  at peace.

The church bells now silent would soon start to peal
the ovens soon warmin' for Christmas Day meals
but still was the hour as the cowboy rode by
the town not awake nor a light in the sky.

The town square now empty  would soon fill with throngs
of town folk and children and carolers in song.
The store decorations of dark red and green
would soon start to sparkle on a Christmas day  scene.

He rode past the barber's , the local saloon,
closed for all business in festive festoon.
He passed by the churchyard of snow covered mounds,
then made for a high ridge just east of the town.

The wind was now blowin' at  breakin’ of day,
the mornin'  now showin' the  first crimson ray.
The cowboy doffed hat as he reined in his hoss
"It's Christmas again Lord. Happy Birthday, Boss."

Rod Nichols
(c) 2006