As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson

When you wrap your Christmas presents and you place them 'neath the tree
and decorate your home and yard for everyone to see.
When you plan your Christmas parties full of festive gaity,
do you think that Jesus wonders, "Did you ever think of ME?"

There's a santa by your chimney and reindeer on your lawn;
the lights draped on your garden fence are blinking off and on.
There's all kinds of decorations, but there's no Nativity,
so Jesus probably wonders, "Did you ever think of Me?"

After all, it is His birthday, but it seems that some years back
the meaning of the holiday has somehow got off track.
For the way it's honored nowadays, it's pretty plain to see
how our Savior probably wonders, "Did you ever think of me?"

You send a list to Santa Claus of gifts you want and need
but the greatest gift you'll ever get you already have received;
it came so many years ago when he died on that tree
and he shouldn't have to wonder, "Did you ever think of me?"

You hear that Santa's coming and he's bringing gifts for you;
don't forget the Lord, our Savior, He may be coming too;
after all we never know when that day or time may be;
do you suppose He'll ask us then, "Did you ever think of Me?"

So this year when you celebrate the Christmas Holiday,
take a little time for Jesus and it wouldn't hurt to pray
and thank Him for the greatest gift that there will ever be,
and He'll never have to wonder, "Did you ever think of Me?"

By Yvonne Hollenbeck 2011