As heard on the Good Stuff wtih Jim Thompson

Thanksgiving week was over and the trimmings packed away,
it was time to start preparing for the Christmas holiday.
It's hard to set the mood though when the ground is bare and brown,
but lo, a pretty snow had just begun a-falling down.
The next day all was covered, like a winter wonderland
as I got out decorations, put the tree up in its stand.
Carols softly played as I watched the falling snow;
warm feelings overtook me and my heart was all aglow.
The next day I went shopping for the gifts I had to find
but the snow was getting deeper and soon I was in a bind;
'cause in spite of my intention, I didn't have much luck,
for a drift had blocked the driveway and I got a little stuck.
I'd wait far help to get it out, some scooping's all I'd need,
but the temperature was falling and the wind had picked up speed.
The snow was still a-coming and was really making drifts
but it's early in December and still time to buy the gifts.
The next day it's still snowing and there's snowdrifts all around,
no one comes to visit 'cause your friends are all snowbound.
I'm getting sick of winter and of being snowed in here
and just about have had it with the festive atmosphere.
The next few days it snows and blows, it never seems to stop,
as I hear of Christmas specials in the places I can't shop
while I try to get the weather on the local radio.
If I hear another "sleighing song" I think I'm gonna blow.
By week's end I've had it. There will be no gifts this year;
and if this winter ever ends, I'm getting out of here.
Instead of buying presents I plan to save my money
for a place in california where the winter's warm and sunny!
Yvonne Hollenbeck