As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson


If you have kleptomania, what's the best thing to take for it?


If you don't pay your exorcist can you be repossessed?


If an astronaut broke the law of gravity would he get a suspended sentence?


If you want to learn how to make ice-cream, should you start attending

sundae school?


If a racing driver's wheels failed during the race, does he have to retire?


If you diet in a paint store, will you automatically get thinner?


When swimmers want to win a relay race, do they pool their efforts?


Is the public library always housed in a multi-story building?


Does 'Love' mean never winning at tennis?


If you shake up a can of root-beer and spill it on your stove, do you get

foam on the range?


Are dog biscuits made from collie flour?


If you want to kill a circus act, should you first go for the juggler?