As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson

Today I will treasure each moment,
For tomorrow's a mystery.
I'll not take this day for granted,
I have faith that God's guiding me.

There may be mountains to climb,
Or struggles and problems to face,
But today I'll put my worries aside;
Enjoy the gift of God's grace.

I'll start the day at dawning,
When all the world seems new;
Take a stroll around the garden;
As the sky dons its mantle of blue.

My jewels are in the garden;
The shrubs, the plants, the trees;
Here I feel a sense of peace
As I'm brushed by a gentle breeze.

I'll treasure each moment I share
With friends, and family too;
Such love and laughter in my life
My blessings are more than a few.

When the twilight is falling
And the day draws to a close
I'll offer up a thankful prayer
As I drift into sweet repose.

Copyright Marian Jones 2/05