Yesterday, I said I would

Until the time had passed,

And now today, I see my list

Of never-ending tasks.

Why so, I ask myself, did I

Put off that task at hand?

For Yesterday has added to

My ever-growing plans,

Of things I say I will attend,

Accomplish or provide;

Seems every day I put if off-

It multiplies in size.

A simple job if given

My devotion for a time;

Would surely have resolved itself

And eased my worried mind.

However, due to circumstance,

As always is the case;

I had no time to spend that day..

I had no time to waste.

For yesterday, I worked on

All the tasks I had delayed,

From days before when I would say

I have on time today.

For see, tomorrow’s easier

To say that I will vow,

To catch  up on the overload,

 And yet- I wonder how?

‘Tis easier to play the part

Of victim in this case,

And be the martyr  ever-more

I have no time to waste.