The man brought the four cards, the four boxes of candy, and the four
sets of flowers up to the cashier for checkout. The cashier rolled her
eyes at him as she looked at his wedding band and mumbled..."these
players make me sick." This caused everyone else to look at the man
funny too. So the man responded..."one set is for my mom because my dad
passed away and he used to do this for my mom...and he taught me how to
give love. The next set is for my wife because I love her and she
teaches me how to receive and treasure love. And the third set is for my
daughter...because it's up to me to teach her how she should be treated
and who she should give her love to. And you can have my fourth set
because I just wanted you to know that a man can show you love and
understanding and not want anything from you. Have a blessed day." She
melted and everyone else did too.