A group of cowboys at a table
in a cafe close to here
were jawin' about the weather
and  a horse that had no fear

when one old puncher's voice
broke in to recollect
how his wife set a table
and it made em all reflect

on silverware and tablecloths
fresh flowers in a vase
food prepared with loving care
and maybe saying grace

Arturos' wife could doctor cattle
then cook with little muss
Sam could see his wife fix stew
and how she made a fuss

Bill could see his wifes' hands 
setting fork and spoon
and in her sly way asking
"Fixing coffee soon?"

a partner full of strength
who could be gentle as a feather
helping ease the burden
of life out in the weather

and how each day was special
at the beginning or the end
cause they could sit and eat,
and talk with their best friend