I got a piece of candle
from the cook the other night,
he reckoned how I'd need some help
to write to you by light.

There really ain't no other time
not in my normal day,
and so I have to write at night
the things I want to say.

First of all I miss you
and I'm looking for the time,
when this long drive is over
and you once more are mine.

It ain't so much the work dear
this is my way of life,
and some day I'll have set aside
enough to take a wife.

But that don't make it easy
to be so far apart,
the trail might have me darlin'
but you still have my heart.

That lock of hair you gave to me
I've got it in a ring,
I wouldn't ever part with it
it's such a precious thing.

That little song you sang for me
I hear it even now,
you know the one about true love
and all true lovers' vows.

I keep you in my thoughts dear
no matter where or when,
I see your face in mornin' sun
and when I'm headin' in.

This candle piece is almost gone
and soon I'll have to close,
I'll put this letter safe away
before I start to doze.

I'm holdin' it until the time
I see you after spring,
but I'll be back tomorrow night
to talk to you again.


© 2001 Rod Nichols