My Little Buddy is always happy to see me
Even on days when I'm not happy to be me 
He whines by the door if I leave on a trip
If I sit on the couch, he lays next to my hip 
He's not very big, but he's built pretty stout
If he needs room in bed he just pushes me out 
And sometimes he's naughty, and can get downright rude
His manners are gone with the scent of good food
I try to be angry, but my heart is his putty
All I see when I look at him is my little buddy 
He gives complete love and my faults he don't mention
All he seems to want is a little attention
Sometimes when it's nice he gets left in the yard 
But if I come back home late, his heart's never hard
When I first met him, he'd been treated so cruddy 
I took him home from the pound to be my little buddy
Now his snouts getting grey and he's starting to slouch
He needs my assistance to get up on the couch 
And I know that someday there might be an empty space 
That once used to be my little buddy's place 
Some say dogs go to heaven, and some say that's nutty
But I can't imagine eternity without my little buddy