Just one good horse is all it takes to make a man a king

'Cause one good man with one good horse can do most anything.


Together they can blaze a trail and always make it through

In dust or mud, or ice and snow , and never slip a shoe.


That one good horse just seems to know that hard jobs must be done

So he gives his heart and the man gives his, and together make things run.


That good one won't just quit you in blizzard nor in sun

He'll help you pack a weary calf, ride fence, or just have fun.


With one good horse - just "dally up" when life gets "on the skids"-

If you've helped him through a tough spot -he'll remember that you did.


That one good horse will make you "king", he's the throne on which you'll

So treat him like the "prince" he is, and don't destroy his pride.


No, don't forget his loyalty when your next one comes along--

He's gonna need someone like you, who'll make him true and strong.


The work you've done and miles you've rode will be as binding strings-

To  friends you make with that "ONE GOOD HORSE" that makes you Queen or