Water--rushing water, as it swirls over a rapid:

The music you sense as water moves slowly downstream;

The gentle falling of water as it trickles over a beaver dam.

The lordly challenge of a bull heard at twilight,

The forlorn bawling of a calf when it has lost its mother.

The drumming tone of hoofbeats on a dirt road.

The friendly nicker of horses as they greet each other.

The resounding splash as a beaver hits water.

The gentle rustle of leaves as a skunk moves through the brush.

The warning buzz from a coiled rattlesnake.

The welcome of a meadowlark on a fence post and the 

    ki-i-i of a hawk soaring in the sky.

The spine tingling wail of a coyote at a full moon.

The loud swearing of men at cattle.

The creak, creak, creak of saddles as horses move uphill.

The flap, flap, flap of clothes drying on a cord line.

The steady drone of a tractor in the distance.

The snap of pine logs in a campfire, magnified by 

    the clear night air.

The incredible roar of flames as they race through timber.

The hiss of a hot iron as it sears the skin of a terrified calf.

The words that are unspoken when you see something beautiful.

The soothing breath of an evening breeze.

The murmur of peace as the wind caresses the pine needles.

The inaudible sound of a falling star.

The awesome, incredible sound of the life-blood or Wyoming,

    the growing grass.


                            Mary Garman

                            Sundance, Wyoming