Been thinking about my first fun post about the positive sides of my Chemo
and Radiation treatments for cancer. Here is a quick top ten list of good
things that could happen after treatment.

10. If the need arises I could probably jump start a car just holding the
9. We no longer will need a night light for me to find the bathroom.
8. No longer will need to buy a Jack O Lantern for Halloween.
7. I will be able to make Sharon toasted English Muffins with my bare hands.

6. We will not need a Christmas tree, Sharon can stand me in the corner and
put gifts around me. 
5. I will probably be able to do small welding jobs barehanded in the shop.
4. I will be able to sit on the back deck and blink back at the Fireflies. 
3. Six different people want me to go rabbit hunting with them no light
2. I will save about $25.00 on haircuts per month. 
1. I actually need to lose another 20 pounds or so.

So all things considered it will not be so bad after all. I ain't askeered
of it