When the sun is just a’ peekin’

            o’er the badland mesa rim

And the cavy is all wrangled

            while the star light’s gettin’ dim

There’s sounds that break the morning air

            with a hearty welcome noise,

It’s the sippin’ coosie’s coffee

            by crews of hungry cowboys.


Now, city folk would think it rude,

            makin’ such an uncouth sound,

But coffee strong that’s good and hot

            can‘t be sipped without a sound

There’s just somethin’ ‘bout that coffee

            makes a feller’s heart perk up

When coosie lifts that coffee pot

            and fills yer cold tin cup.


There’s lots of stuff that’s sold to folks

            s’posed to make a life of awe

And folks will travel miles one way

            just to lay around some spa

But when coffee fills yer gizzard     

and the sun shines on yer back

Ain’t no concoction in the world

            can match coffee hot and black.


And that bronc that parts yer whiskers

            every mornin’, durn his hide,

Why, you fork him like a breaker

            with that coffee hot inside

‘Cause that bronc, he’s just a’ checkin’,

            see if you have learned to ride,

While coosie, standin’ ‘neath the fly,

            sees his coffee work with pride.


So whether day lights breakin’

            or the sun is gettin’ low

There’s a sound comes from the wagon

            makes a cowboy’s innards glow

It’s that sippin’ coosie’s coffee

            that he brews there in that pot

It’s what makes these orn’ry cowboys

            plumb contented with their lot.

                                                                ©2015 Slim McNaught