He was doin' some thinkin' about bein' a kid

     And the way life was then, and the things that he did 

But one of the things he remembered the most

     Was the trainin' he'd had from the old snubbin' post


His Dad knew it then, and later he found

     That to be a good hand you should learn on the ground 

How to time out your throw and then dally of course

     But then let some rope slide so it don't jerk your horse


Now with Dad and two kids -guess it made sense to be

     Tyin' half of the cow to the stump of a tree 

One man on a horse could be holdin' the heels

     As the "ground work" went easy, they all earned their meals


But a ten year old boy would rather not boast

     To his friends that he worked at the old snubbin' post 

So he kept kind'a quiet and learned his job well

     And the rope burns got less and the post --a burned smell


He could spin on the dallys and a half -hitch on time

     Make brandin' and dehornin' smooth like a rhyme 

He could hold down the head while he took off the hoop

     And with one "back-hand" swing had the next in his loop


It began to be fun and then just as he'd hoped

     He's told to "go horseback cause you're good with your rope"

He had learned from the best, but he values the most

     What he'd learned from his Dad and "The Old Snubbin' Post".


Don Hilmer 7/2/06