As we go through life we do so in such a hurry. I have been thinking on some
alternative speeds that we could have and should have used as we went on our
As little kids we played hard and long and could not wait for the days when
we would be older and do more grown up type things. We ran right through our
youth at breakneck speed and in the case of people my age there are few
photographs of our youths and family lives back then.

I do not like many of the electronic things that are in use
now..............but the greatest thing going is all of the cameras, camera
phones and IPads we use producing hundreds of pictures of our kids,
grandkids and great grandkids. So of all the modern technology that is my

Comparatively speaking we have so few photographic memories of our early
years, and as memories fade it is harder to recall, Christmas days,
birthdays, weddings, graduation, other holidays and yes even funerals from
back then. So if we would all just take the time to go through all of those
old pictures and date them the best we can, put names and places on them and
make copies for our families it would be one of the greatest gifts we could
give. There are so many places to take them now days, and have multiple
copies made, and the cost is minimal for each copy.

As I attend funerals I always look over the pictures displayed at the back
of the church or funeral home and love to listen to people reflect of days
gone by.

As I look back and reflect I am so lucky that I am one of the people who
basically have a photographic memory of the past. I can easily close my eyes
and see me playing out under the lilac bushes in front of our old farmhouse
with my John Deere farm toys. I vividly remember my first baseball uniform
that my parents got me when I was a first grader. I wore it to school
several times, the first time I was very shy and almost did not wear it. But
after that it was my statement item of clothes.

I also remember working on the farm as a kid, starting with the minor
chores, usually involving the chicken chores. As I got older I moved up the
work chain. Soon I was old enough to work in the field and I used my limited
funds to go the K & K store in Salem to get a couple blue work shirts and a
high top, blue pinstriped railroad style cap. The first few weeks the top
was tall and crispy, after a few washings it lost it's stiffness and fit
nicely on the top of my head. Nothing much more comfortable and your
favorite cap.

I could not wait to get into high school and go to town on a daily basis. I
went through those four years hell bent to get done with school and move to
"The Big Town". I love it here in Sioux Falls and always have, but yet as I
reflect so fondly of those small town, rural and simple country days. I can
not help but remember the quote from an old rodeo cowboy after a competition
later in his life, "Remember the calendar and the clock always win".

Be careful of what you wish for in your youth for as you wanted to grow up
fast, it has happened and now one of the things I do is gaze longingly at
those days of the past.

As Roy Clark sings in his best song ever...................Yesterday When I
Was Young......The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my

So treasure what you have, relish what you had and cherish what you still
will receive.