This morning a letter was returned "Stamped, moved, no address" .It was one
I wrote you A couple of weeks ago
And it is now in my desk with Other letters unopened and returned "Marked,
moved, no address"
I write again because I must..I hope my words will Find you somehow,
somewhere Wherever you are at this moment, my dear God grant, you are not
I've read there are Thousands just like you
Searching for something They failed to find at home
The fact that one of these is my daughter Brings all of them close to me
Your mother's here Standing right behind me She never could resist looking
Over my shoulder as I write
Your leaving has been Very difficult for her A father, they say Worries
about his son but For his daughter he has dreams
Well, my first dream for you Was sixteen years ago on that day We brought
you home from the hospital As we stood over your crib We knew you were
something special
In your cry, with all your strength You served notice on the world That you
were someone important
Then years later In a moment of anger, you cried.."But you don't understand"
And I didn't
Why were we never able To unlock your frustration And talk it away
Was it because you were being Crowded too closely with love
There can be harm now I realize in doing too much
As well as danger In doing too little
A time for holding on And a time for letting go..Someday, you too will
discover How much courage letting go takes
Your generation asks to be left alone They want it so that Each may find his
own thing..But where is this thing For which you it found by
rejecting your heritage
What you are and can become Has deep roots in many people..Your parents,
your grandparents And in a long line before them Something in each one Has
helped make you what you are
I spoke about dreams
Let me tell you of the dreams Another had for you   He was your grandfather
When he was young He too, left his home
In search of something A world of opportunity And freedom for his spirit
And in his way, for his time He too, was trying to find Where it's at
Somewhere we have A picture of your grandfather
He wore a beard And his hair was long
And there was a girl With him in that snapshot Who wore several strings of
beads And held a single flower in her hand
Beautiful people
Don't reject this heritage

I beg you.Start with it and you can Build something fine and strong
I can see you smiling at this Last bit of cornball philosophy Coming from
your square old dad But think hard about what I've said
Come back Come back before you're trapped In a life that daily grows More
aimless and unreal
With all my heart I wish I could promise you A world of flowers, music and
dance But could I keep such a promise..I don't think so ..No one could
But one promise I can fulfill If you return We three can reach each other
By talking and listening
And I mean the kind of listening That is also tuned to silence
There've been many times when I've failed to read your silence For this
failure, I am truly sorry
Mother has remained Behind me as I write A second ago She gently touched my
shoulder As she moved away
I took this, a silent approval Of what I've written She's now sitting in her
chair With an open book in her lap But I know she's not seeing the words
Her thoughts, her thoughts Are far away somewhere with you It's very quiet
here, too quiet
I walked into your room last night
And the walls seemed to be asking
For the sound of your voice
As much as I am aching
For the feel of your embrace
So please come back to us
We love you, call collect