From northern Canadian ranges to thickets Texas way
where the cowboy makes his livin' on a horse
There's a class of folks the world around don't really understand, 
even though their own ancestors set this course.
Now, the life a cowboy lives to earn a livin' ain't all fun,
there's some purty rocky stretches that he roams,
But you'll find that through the hard times and the good he'll be right
carin' for the range, his country and his home.

Some folks don't understand a man who would choose to spend his life
carin' for a bunch of cows and horses,
Just to work and sweat his whole life through keepin' things together
always faced with Mother Nature's forces.
The folks now days can't understand any man who don't complain
when the world is steppin' on him while he's beat,
And they can't see why anyone who is in his natural mind
would work hard in bitter cold or drought and heat.

But those city folk cannot imagine in their wildest dreams
what it's like to live our life the cowboy way,
Steppin' out on crisp spring mornin's when the world's all ice and snow
to feed livestock what they're needin' for the day. 
Then slip and slide on frozen cow pies, while saddlin' up ol' horse
to spend time at choppin' ice and stringin' hay,
While the cold wind bites your jaw line and you hunch down in your scarf 
but you wouldn't have it any other way.

There's a bunch of us had wrecks a plenty out there on the range
when spring thaw melts some ice down in the grass
And the warm sunshine of mornin' makes the footing look plumb safe
but down there at the roots it's as slick as glass.
And the time may come while workin' cows that horse will fall with you
when his feet hit ice and slide from under him
The footing there is dangerous so you give your horse his head,
he'll turn that cow, let him free to make his spin.

Those city folks will never know how a cowboy feels at dusk
when the cold north wind is blowin' in a storm 
And he's pitchin' hay to horses 'round the hay stacks and corrals
where wind don't hit, smells are good, he's stayin' warm. 
Now it's kinda hard explainin' to folks who haven't been there
how much comfort this can give an ol' cowhand 
And the sense of satisfaction coming from this simple chore
is a stress relief the world don't understand.

The problem is folks judge all cowboys by those on silver screen
who sure wouldn't know a prolapse from foot rot 
It seems Hollywood has caused folks to get the wrong impression,
makes the cowboy life all glory when it's not.
'Cause there are many joys and sorrows make up the cowboy life 
unbeknownst to all but just those chosen few
Who make this world a better place while they're watchin' o'er the range,
lookin' up to God and the Red White and Blue.
C02-01-09 Slim McNaught