Hereford Rebuttal

As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson


By Ashley Stryker


Walked into the office.

Ready to start the day.

Working in a feedlot.

For my little bit of pay.


Lying on my desk,

A little gift from the boss…

A poem bashing Herefords

Made me a little cross.


Being the only Hereford girl

At a black-filled yard

Makes for a pretty long day

Staring at all the black lard.


Now I just gotta defend

My red and white breed…

A sweeter cow you won’t find

And look at the efficiency on feed!


Don’t hold it against them

Problems from their past.

Think they’ve been able to prove

These ol’ cattle are here to last.


Hereford sales are boomin’.

They’re getting to be the rage…

From show rings to sale barns

And out roaming the sage.


Udders are cleaned up.

Defects are getting’ culled.

Birth weights are comin’ down,

And rib-eyes are bigger, I’m told.


No better judge than commercial men

To tell ya how it’s goin’.

They want calves with a white face…

That all black train might be slowin’.


So here’s the little payback

To the boss who left the rhyme…

I wrote this little jingle

Sitting here during company time!