It's hard to define what a hero looks like.  They come in all sizes, tall
and short, thin and bulky.  They range from the very young, to the old and
experienced.  They have big feet, failing eyes, poor hearing, and even
weakened heartbeats. 


They are black, white, yellow, red and brown. 

They come from the very poorest of families and they come from the homes of
the rich and the powerful.

They speak English, and they speak Japanese. Spanish is their native tongue.

They are Native Americans, and they are immigrants from other lands.


They may wear the uniform of a soldier, a sailor, a Coast Guardsman, Marine,
an aviator, or even a Merchant Marine.  They are eager to fight, and they
are men who hesitate to bear arms but will lay down their own lives to serve

They are career military men and women, reluctant draftees, and eager young

They served as lowly privates, austute non-coms, young and inexperienced
second lieutenants, and high ranking generals.  They were infantrymen,
combat engineers, Green Berets, Rangers, and truck drivers.

They love to fly, and they are fearful of heights.  They can swim like a
fish and they can't swim at all.


They hail from big city tennements, urban high rises, suburban homes, rural
farms, and estates of the wealthy.

They are orphans, they come from broken homes, and they hail from loving

They are high school drop outs and college graduates, talented athletes and
clumsy young men and women with two left feet.


They are men and women who love their country, revere the flag, and are
willing to serve.  They have traveled to foreign places with names like Iwo
Jima, Guadalcanal, Normandy, and the Volturno River.  They've faced frigid
winters at the Chosin Reservoir, mountainous jungles near Khe Sahn, and
prison camps in Hanoi.


They did their duty...did it well...and then came home to become doctors,
lawyers, farmers, businesmen, and blue collar workers.  Sadly, many of them
never came home.