Father Old...Father Young...and Father-Yet-to-be
Stood and watched the gentle waves that rolled back out to sea
Each one silent ...lost in thought...different worlds to face
One reflecting...one still learning...and one beginning the race

Thunder rumbled in the distance, for a storm had just passed by
And the sun was painting in vibrant hues across the evening sky
The wind had settled into a breeze that softly moved the clouds
And Father Old wisely smiled as he voiced his thoughts out loud

"Ebb and flow"...Father Old remarked..."you see, life is like the tide...,
Ins and outs...ups and downs...it's a smooth and bumpy ride.
You'll make mistakes, so live and learn...cause no one knows it all,
And too much pride to admit you're wrong...will always make you fall."

"Ebb and flow...yep, that's the key...for life is like the sand,
Often shifting...sometimes smooth...and it can slip right through your
Take time to watch your children grow...for the years pass by so fast,
Castles in the sand will crumble...but the memories built will last."

Father Old shaded his eyes with a hand that slightly shook
He reached inside his well-worn coat and pulled out a well-worn book
"Everything you need to know, you'll find here on these pages,
Take it's wisdom to your heart, as you go through different stages."

"Our Heavenly Father is the best example of how we need to live,
He gave the world His only son...He gave the best that He could give.
That kind of love cannot be measured...but one day you'll understand,
A father's heart will always fit...in his child's sweet, trusting hand."

...And so they walked and talked together...Father Old had done his best
For the time to lead was almost over...he could now slow down and rest
One reflecting...one still learning...and one beginning the race
Different journeys...but all are covered...by the Father's amazing grace

"Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father and attend to know understa
nding." Proverbs 4:13