"Come on back home, cowboy",

A voice whispered soft and low;

"I know you don't want to leave,

But it's time for you to go".


Your job on earth is finished,

Well done, good and faithful Pard;

You've raised a beautiful family,

And I know leavin' them is hard.


But I need you on the home place,

There are horses waitin' to ride;

And cow dogs to tend the herds,

That are on the other side.


Those that have gone before you,

Long to see you once again;

They wish to talk of old times,

And there are a few fences to mend.


I promise, I will watch over,

Those you must leave behind;

I'll guard and protect every one,

As they keep this thought in mind,


that you'll always be with them,

They will feel you by their side;

Every time they throw a loop,

And with every horse they ride.


Today heaven gains a great cowboy,

That no longer has the urge to roam;

Come rest from your worldly cares,

Sure is good to have you home!