As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson

On the 8th day God made a farmer, but he was not done...

He looked down on the wilds of untamed earth and said " I need someone who
will never be broken"

And so his greatest work began. 

 First he filled a belly full of guts and a heart full of try

Then he called him a cowboy.

He needeone someone who could handle a horse, 

Teach them, tame them, but never break them.

Someone who's soul needed the saddle and would not change with the world
around them.  So He made a cowboy.

He needed someone who could find a hot bull in a hundred section pasture,
ride a bronc

Hold a family together, read a brand, let wrong doings go and pull a tight

God needed someone who didn't mind dusty cow pens, smokin'  branding irons,

long days and cold nights.  So God made a cowboy.

It had to be someone who could make a living with a rope, cow dog and a few
good horses.

Someone who would never know a 40 hour week, nor care to.

He needed to create a proud man, one who take a stand, and who's greatest
compliment would be to have his kids call him a hand..  So God Made a

But after he created this cowboy, he was far from done.

While his creation was tough and untamed,

he would need more than just a good horse to share his name.

And no ordinary woman would understand...the cowboy.

God created a woman who didn't want store bought roses by the dozen

Bu rather wild flowers seldom picked and sweet cowboy lovin'.

He needed someone who could take a good cussing in the working pens

Love unconditionally ...and forgive.,

Someone who could open her own doors, 

sweep tack room floors,

look past muddy boots on kitchen floors,

make a home  her own, 

and have an eye for a good horse.

Someone who didn't need lavishing or flattery but find joy in a spring born

Someone who could raise babies, fix fence, patch jeans, and never waver in
hard times of cowboy life.

So God made a cowboys wife.

And when God fashioned the cowboy and his wife, he made them in His exact
image and likeness

And blessed them for all their earthly life.