Back when corn was trading at $6, I thought it'd be a good idea to buy an
overpriced used disk ripper at retail dealership prices. Continuous corn was
going to make everyone rich anyway, and I needed something to deal with the
thick stover and stalk residue. Besides that, the neighbors had just bought
a new one, and I figured I needed to get one too. With $350 DDGs, $450
soybean meal, $18 beans and $7 corn in 2012, it was looking like I had made
a good decision. So I tore up the pastures, ripped out the fencelines, and
almost convinced my wife to plant corn in our front yard. 

But on the pedagogic scale of great ideas that just didn't seem to work out,
this idea will probably end up ranking somewhere between "urinating directly
onto an electric fence" and "sticking my hand into the baler to clear out
the jam"......... I don't mean to suggest that it was a total failure,
however, because the character building lessons of defeat have proven
inordinately profitable over the years. And this one certainly had its share
of lessons - financial and otherwise. 

Anyway, as the alcohol-induced corn boom (ethanol) violently turned to bust,
un-pleasant realities of that mystical numberland called "Finance" started
to appear. Turns out that the banker actually wants his money back WITH
interest! I couldn't believe it.......... I had gotten so used to the
government's farm welfare programs when corn was $2 that I almost forgot how
markets and financing was supposed to work! Direct payments would just
magically appear in my checking account, and I was one of the best at
playing the LDP game. And then when corn was $6-7, it didn't matter what the
banker said, because I couldn't wake up without money falling into my hands
from the corn gods in Chicago! 

But now, with negative margins and stubbornly expensive inputs, I need to
sell this piece of equipment. It is a used 7 shank M&W 1875 disk ripper. It
has the auto-resets, which is nice. As you can see in the pics, there is no
harrow on the back to level out the ridges. You might think that's a bad
thing, but I've found that a particularly rough field keeps the trespassers,
hunters, poachers, snowmobilers, and meth lab junkies out of the field
during the winter. It is in good working condition. The paint is faded which
is also a good thing, because then the neighbors won't get too jealous when
you go by their new shop. It's been kept outside for as long as I've owned
it because only the really expensive toys get put inside. If you drive by
Vetter or Van Wall, you'll notice that pretty much all of their inventory is
kept outside too, so I don't feel bad about it.

I think $8,900 is a fair price. But if you want to pay more, then that's
fine too......... My goodness! Dec corn got slaughtered yesterday...... down
another 20 cents after the Planting Intentions report....... Let's make it
$8,500 and everyone goes home a winner! discdiscd