Alone ain't just an empty feel from no one else around
It can be a stretch of prairie grass that covers miles of ground.
When you look across the prairie at horizons far, unknown,
You're lookin' straight at country somewhere beyond alone.

Out there beyond where grass meets sky there's a cowboy earnin' pay
He rides from dawn to settin' sun and works the range his way.
He'd not trade this way of livin', it's the only work he's known,
'Cause he spent his life cowboyin' somewhere beyond alone.

With the range all specked with cattle and prairie creatures nigh

Where the moon's a shinnin' brightly in a big and cloudless sky,
As his evenin' meal is cookin' he takes in his prairie home
With horses grazin' close at hand somewhere beyond alone.

While the campfire's flickerin' boldly 'neath a simmerin' coffee can
Ain't no way a case of lonely could ever find a man.
Then his mind drifts back with pleasure to the places he has known
And the many trails he's traveled somewhere beyond alone.

In the mornin' he un-hobbles, gets his string tied heads to tails,
And they line out 'cross the prairie on long and lonesome trails.
By night he'll catch that bedded herd where the boss sent him on loan
But now he's out there travelin' somewhere beyond alone.

You can bet his poke is empty 'cause cowboy pay is short
But he feels he's rich and wealthy compared with city sort.
Livin' life in some big city where no prairie breeze has blown
Would surely make him lonesome for somewhere beyond alone.