10.      It gives you the perfect excuse to forget things.

9.         You know lots of good stories to tell.

8.         Each story can be told many times, whether anyone wants to hear
it or not.

7.         The view is better once you're over the hill.

6.         You can amaze your friends with obscure facts preceded by, "I
remember when..."

5.         You can take bets on which part of your body will conk out next.

4.         Your kids finally grow up and move out (if you're lucky).

3.         Nodding off at inappropriate times is considered quaint rather
than rude.

2.         Creative use of a hearing aid allows you to hear only what you
really want to.

1.         Every birthday you have gives people another chance to make a big
fuss over you and say things like, How great you look!" (for an old person.)