THE OLD WINDMILLElaine Nordlund-Shipley.

As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson

"Its right at the end of nowhere,," that's what the old rancher said,,,

"Just follow the two track and you'll find her,,

,She's in sorry shape my friend,

her head is bowed and broken she is in a pretty sad state.

If you can give the lady a hand it would sure be great,

,cause once she stood proud and tall and watered every cow and horse around,,

well now she just screams those metallic sounds,,In pain I have no doubt..

Well I travelled the two track just like I was told,,and I shore agreed it was way past no where,

,when she finally came around,,yes I found the old girl and lordie what a sight. 

I crawled out of my dusty pickup truck,

now the wind was pickin up,, and she was certainly voicing her opinion,,so I thought ,,well,, I'll try my luck.

. now she wasn't to tall,,maybe forty feet,,but I knew the wind could quickly defeat..

So I gathered all that I thought I would need and quickly walked to her side. looking up I could see why she screamed,

,she had pieces of metal piercing her hide.. As I took it all in,,I found my foot holds were none,, so now I would have to add all of her rungs..

back to the pickup I went. Found what I needed,,and started again,,

this time about three foot high. I placed a rung and bolted her on, now the wind was getting to be a little more fierce,

but I was determined I going to fix her.. this two track I did not want to travel except one way and that was back out..

So climb and bolt, and climb and bolt,, I had my belt fastened to this ladies frame,,

climb and bolt, and finally I was to the place I could ease her pain..

So up and down her frame I crawled, all afternoon and into the dusk,,I finally had her to where she could hum..

So my last trip down,,was near exhaustion, boy this lady had drained me,, back to the pickup for one of the gallons of water i'd brought to prime the pump..

I didn't come all this way not to hear this lady sing..

So I undid the rope I had newly attached and brought her wing into the wind..

She started purring right away and humming,,then I started priming her in a soft teasing way,, giving her just enough to see if it would pay..

The water gushed and splrashed,, I took off my hat,,There is nothing more sacred than a windmill bath..

The old girls were running,, they too had heard, that soft humming and whirring,, that took flight on the wind,,the sound that sent out the message of life,,,