"Just A Cowboy" by Andy Nelson

If I were king of many lands, You'd see me with different eyes;

You'd kneel and kiss my ring, Wanting what my money buys.

But I am just a cowboy, I've always remained the same;

The most treasured thing I own, Is this title and my name.

If I were a slick politician, You would flock to my side;

You'd take my opinion as law, Even if I cheated and I lied.

But I am just a cowboy, I speak plain and simple truth;

I respect those around me, And have, ever since my youth.

If I were a big movie star, You're kids would idolize me;

Even if unfaithful to my wife, Stealing virtue that wasn't free.

But I am just a cowboy, This family I have is my life;

To me, nothing is more precious, Than my children and my wife.

If I were a pro athlete, You'd admire my strength and skill;

My salary would buy my freedom, If I choose to rape or kill.

But I am just a cowboy, I work hard for chicken feed;

I'll never be rich or wealthy, But have everything I need.

If I were a trust fund child, You'd envy the life I'm livin';

I buy relationships and friends, Ungrateful for all I am given.

But I am just a cowboy, With feet planted on this sod;

Thankful for all of my blessings, And know they come from God.

My word is a binding contract, Hard work is the trail I choose;

I live for life's simple pleasures, And don't care if I win or lose.

This life I've chosen to follow, Brings me satisfaction and joy;

And I thank the good Lord daily, To have been born "Just a cowboy"!