MakeMe a Cowboy Again for a Day

Backward turn backward oh time with your wheels
Bicycles, wagons, and automobiles
Dress me again in a big Stetson hat
Spurs, flannel shirt and slicker and chaps
Put a six-shooter or two in my hands
Show me a yearlin' to rope and to brand
Out where the sage brush is dusty and gray
Make me a cowboy again for a day.

Give me a bronc that knows how to dance
Blue roan in color and wicked of glance
New to the feeling of bridle and bit
Give me a quirt that will sting when it hits
Strap on a blanket behind in a roll
Toss me a lariat dear to my soul
Over the trail let me gallop away
Make me a cowboy again for a day.

Thunder of hoofs on the range as you ride
Hissin' of iron and the sizzlin of hide
The bellow of cattle and the snort of cayuse
Longhorns of Texas as well as the duce
Midnight stampedes and the millin' of herds
Yells of the cowboys too angry for words
Right in the midst of it all I would say
Make me a cowboy again for a day.

Under the star-studded sky so vast
Campfires and coffee and comfort at last
Bacon that sizzles and crisps in the pan
After the roundup smells good to a man
Stories of cowboys and outlaws retold
Over the pipes as the embers grow cold
These are the tunes that old memories play
Make me a cowboy again for a day

© from Don Edwards'Saddle Songs—A Cowboy Songbag; reprinted with permission