1. Violet: A classic with new life thanks to celebrity baby Violet Affleck.

2. Stella: It means star, and it’s rising to the top like a shooting star.

3. Adeline: Aw, cute. Addy was for sure our favorite American Girl Doll.

4. Lila: All kinds of names like Layla, Leila and Laila are growing in popularity, but Lila stands out. We kind of wonder if it has to do withFriday Night Lights… any thoughts?

5. Juliet: This sleeper name has actually been on the charts every year since 1880, but it’s finally taking off right now. Nameberry says it’s likely to enter the Top 50 within a few years.

6. Beatrice: We love you, Bea Arthur.

7. ElsaDisney’s Frozen is propelling Elsa to the top of the charts in the U.S., though the popularity of the name has been fairly steady in Europe. It’s #61 in Spain and #3 in Sweden.

8. Cora: It’s seriously incredible how many of these names are resurrected thanks to on-screen characters… like, Lady Cora Crawley.

9. Aurora: Surprisingly, Aurora has been in the Top 1000 names for a very long time, but the goddess of dawn is taking its turn at #145 right now.

10. Ivy: Ivy had been growing in popularity like a weed for a while before Beyoncé and Jay Z catapulted the name forward after their daughter Blue Ivy was born.


1. Finn: The greatest hero of Irish mythology was a hunter-warrior called Finn McCool. MINDSPLOSION.

2. Emmett: Following in the footsteps of its popular sister names like Emma and Emily, Emmett is very quickly rising to the top thanks to… well, in part, Twilight.

3. Silas: Thanks toWeedsandThe Da Vinci Code, this oldie-but-goodie name is back.

4. Hudson: This boy pretty much sounds like a celebrity already.

5. Asher: This one too. Instant celebrity baby.

6. August: Could this be attributed toThe Fault In Our Stars? Maybe.

7. Declan: Another Irish boy name that’s caught the eye of many American parents.

8. Jasper: For girls, we’ve got Ruby and Opal, but Jasper is the only widely used gem-name for guys.

9. Ezra: Along with other biblical names like Asher and Silas, Ezra is definitely up and coming. Nameberry thinks it might even reach the very top of the list in the coming years.

10. Sawyer: Go with the middle name Tom and really blow some minds.