¬∑VETERANS DAY 2014 Elaine Nordlund-Shipley from FAcebook 11/11/14

Their leaving was marked by the trail of the tears on every cheek,,,

of every child,,mother ,,father,,sister ,,,brother,,grandparents and all family and friends,,,

the trail led to the scars and broken hearts of the unreturned love of the fallen soldier who died giving us all his unconditional sacrificed love,,,

their return was marked by the flow of blood,,draped by the flag they had served,,

my heart breaks for all of those from the eras of the past,,to this great land of now,,

,for every child, mother, father, and grandparent and falmily and friend who has been sacrificed to keep this great nation alive and well,,

,the cost has been an sea of tears and an ocean of blood,,,

,I humbly bow my head and give thanks to every son,,daughter,,mother ,,father,,family member and friend,,who has served,,

and made it home to tell the story of the fallen comrades,,,

on this day,,,Im so grateful,,I know so many,

wish I could give you all the LOVE N HUGS,,,you so deserve,,,I cant touch,,but I can share my RESPECT,,and pray that everyday you are safe ,,you are healing,,and you are truly blessed by our GOD,,

and that our NATION,,,humbles itself to your sacrifice,

,I stand before all as one humble child of GOD and give thanks to each of you,,GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS ON THIS GREAT DAY,,AND EVERY DAY FOREVER MORE,,,ens