Why Ben Ropes by Kerry Bishop

As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson


My husband tells a story

Of when his boys were young.

They were gatherin’ at a neighbor’s

‘Cause the grazing there was done.


The ride that day was nasty,

The wind was blowing wet and cold.

The boys were sure reluctant

But they did as they were told.


They called the horses in

And got all saddled up,

Put the horses in the trailer

Then all piled in the truck.


The boys were kinda’ little

But big enough to ride.

So they mounted up and headed out-

Just a grumblin’, side by side.


There was whining and complaining

The whole dang time we rode.

It was cold and they were wet—

“Can’t we please just go home?”


“If you want to be a cowboy

You have to be strong and tough.”

But he could tell by the look in their eyes

They’d pert’ near had enough.


And that’s when Ben looked up at him,

His little face completely sober,

“I don’t want to be a cowboy, Dad…

I just want to be a roper!