(sent by Rhonda Stearns in Newcastle)

An old cowboy once told me, that on the range he had a dream.
As he told the story, his eyes took on a far-off gleam.

He said, "you might believe me, you might not,

but boy, this is what I seen." 

He said, " I was talkin' with the Lord, and we were walkin' along a rise,

when I asked if He could give me a way to make me wise.

At first He just kept a-lookin' down that old, dusty trail,
then He looked right at me, and handed me a horseshoe nail.

Now I'll admit I was confused, tryin' to figure in my head,
when the Good Lord spoke, and this is what He said:

"I know you've shod some horses, just like any other hand,
so I'll give you the meaning, in a way you'll understand."

He pointed to my horse's hoof, I had just put on new shoes,
and said "I'll give you some wisdom, and I'll tell you the truth.

The hoof stands for God's will, His good and perfect plan
the one He has in mind for every woman, child, and man.

Now the horseshoe represents your life, your hopes and your desires to be shaped by the Master's hand, by heating in the fire.

That shoe has to fit just right, on that hoof that is His plan;
if the shoe won't bend, it has to go into the fire again."

"The nails are like God's promises, the one's He made to you,
They're all clinched up, there to stay, and always will be true.

So son, just like those nails hold on a well-shaped shoe,
My words will hold your life fast, to the plans I have for you.

Just learn to be a shoe that bends, not one that's stiff and hard.
You asked for wisdom, so here it is: decide the kind of shoe you are."

"Well ya see, kid", the old cowboy said,"I walked away to clear my head. The words He spoke rang loud and true, so I guess I should ask you...

Will you let the Lord shape your life, into a perfect horseshoe?"

Poem by, Josh Brockley