As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson

I've been eating biscuits for nigh on fifty years
So I figure a biscuit expert I am
And I'm probably the leading authority
On gravy and jellies and jam

Biscuits come in a host of shapes
They'll appear in a number of sizes
And my favorite time for their consumption
Is just before that ole' sun  rises

Their shape, for sure, means nothing
But size is another matter
On a good day I'll eat six or eight
And most times it's the latter

The ingredients of which a biscuit is made
Will tend to vary greatly
There's buttermilk, plain, and  sourdough
Can't say I've turned one down lately

I've had big ones and small ones
Some seem to swell up in your throat
Some so light they seem to float
A large percentage would sink a boat

I've topped 'em with gravy, so creamy and smooth
Shoveled 'em full of strawberry jam
I'll not forget 'em with Briar Rabbit syrup
Or Grandma's great country ham

Grandma's biscuits outshined 'em all
Even the great one's, her's were above
'Cause Grandma had one special ingredient
Every biscuit had a cupful of love

Those early morning breakfasts
In my memory will never fade
My favorite kind of  biscuits
Are the ones my Grandma made

© 2002, Jay Snider