"Alone, I can stay up half the  night watching TV and no one asks me how long am I going to stay up. Alone I can watch a football game on one channel and a baseball game on another channel and no one would be here asking me why I keep switching channels. I'm all alone. And I hate it."

By this time tears had welled up and spilled over. I didn't want to look up at the chipper man who had written such a cry for his companion. I kept reading.

"Alone, I never have to wait for the bathroom. I can take a shower and then walk to the hall closet to get the towel I forgot and no one would be here to complain that I tracked water on the carpet. Or be telling me to take a towel with me when going to take a shower. I'm all alone. And I hate it.

Alone, a baloney sandwich can be a meal and I can eat ice cream every once in a while each day and no one would say it's not healthy. I can buy my own groceries and brew coffee as strong as I like and if I burn the toast, no one would be here to laugh at me. I'm all alone. And I hate it.

Alone, I can wear the clothes I like and no one would tell me that the colors don't match. I can go where I please and return when I please. When I did come home, no one was home. Alzheimer's Disease has destroyed the mind of my Sweet Precious wife and I am left all alone. And I HATE IT."