Three years ago I started a LIFE SAVING Diet

Avoid - Turkey and Chicken - bird flu. 

Avoid - Beef - Mad Cow. 

Avoid - Eggs - Salmonella.

Avoid - Pork - Trichinosis.

Avoid - Fish - Heavy Medals in the water poisoned their flesh. 

Avoid - Fruits and Veggies - Insecticides and Herbicides. 

Avoid - Lamb and Wilde Game - PETA

-----IF YOU EAT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE----- but hmmmmmmmmmmm....

I believe that leaves chocolate, the SAFE FOOD

A good piece of chocolate has about 250 calories. As I enjoy 2 servings per day, this (500 X 7) means that I consume approximately 3500 calories per week, which equals one pound of weight per week. Therefore: In the past 3 years (156 months), I have had a chocolate calorie intake of about 156 pounds and I only weigh 165 pounds. SO without chocolate I would waste away to nothing in the next couple of months. THERFORE I OWE MY LIFE TO CHOCOLATE!

Today I give you a life saving plan to get you started on a life saving diet. 



From listener Wayland Holbrook