The Best We Had To Offer

As heard on the Good Stuff with Jim Thompson


They fell at Saratoga, Iwo Jima, and Iraq:

The best we had to offer, and they won’t be coming back.

They pressed their cause with Honor, and a staunch and tempered will

And though they’ve found a greater glory, they are with us, still.


From Bunker Hill to Gettysburg, they fought the noble fights

And so, we feel their presence, for it’s Freedom’s torch that lights

The fields at Fallen Timbers and the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc,

Once clouded with uncertainty and raging battle smoke.


Valor was the fuel that fired the heroes of Argonne,

The Alamo and Midway, and the airstrip at Khe Sanh.

The sands were stained and Utah Beach, the grass at Pork Chop Hill;

Yet still we who stand in Freedom’s light know they are with us, still.


The blessings of our Liberty have not been easily won.

Sometimes it seems, though great the cost, out work has just begun.

To those who harbor hatred, and would mean to cause us pain,

Know this: we guarantee our best will not have died in vain.